The black garden ant (lasius niger) is the most common ant to be found in the UK, it is deemed to be a pest once it migrates inside or starts to cause danger to mortar or the stability of paving. The nest is made up of a single queen and a colony of around 4000 - 6000 workers (sterile females)

Mating flights usually occur on hot and humid days around July and August; these nupital flights can contain thousands of winged males and females. It is possible that these flights can occur on the same day across the whole nation if weather conditions are suitable. This behaviour is when a nest may become present, occasionally central heating or warmth in a conservatory or a greenhouse may kick start this mating during over the months of year, sometimes in the home.


When garden ants become a problem a survey would need to be carried out to determine where the ants are harbouring and usually a residual insecticide or dust would be applied accordingly.


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